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They say love lasts three years -- what about friendship? How many people are you still friends with that you were three years ago? Whose lost friendship do you miss the most?

First question listed was submitted by wild_chingu. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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I'm currently about to leave high school and getting ready to head off to university. Moving on is exciting, but tough. The thought of losing (at least some of) my closest friendships makes me sad, but it feels like an inevitability at this point. I've only had one extremely close friend who I've stayed in contact with despite moving away, and I'm confident we'll still be friends in three years time. Otherwise, time will tell.
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Do you still write letters to friends or family? (Actual written letters, not emails.) Does a handwritten letter mean more to you when you receive one, or do you find yourself wishing they'd typed it out so it was more legible?

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I don't handwrite letters nearly often enough, but when I do, it feels special. Emails just aren't the same, they feel much more careless and disposable. Especially when it's for someone you haven't seen a while, the personal touch is nice.
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What subject(s) do you think kids should be taught more about in school? What do you feel gets too much emphasis already?

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Languages. In mainland Europe linguistic ability is valued so much, and being multi-lingual is the norm. It bugs me that lots of native English speakers don't see the point in learning other languages and think that we can just coast by speaking only English, so I think that language teaching should be encouraged more.
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